Frequently Asked Questions

If we don't answer your question here, please contact us! 


Where is located?

We are located in northeast Surrey, just off Highway 1 (about 30 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver.)



Do I have to clean my jars before I return them?

No, you don't have to wash you jars, but you do have to rinse them with water and make sure they are free of any leftover contents.  


Can I have my jars delivered?

Yes, you can have your jars delivered anywhere in the Metro Vancouver Area.  Our delivery fees are based on mileage only, not the amount of your rental.  We charge $0.75 per kilometre, round trip.   For example: a delivery from our office to Stanley Park is 43 km one way, that works out to $64.50 plus PST.


What if I am not in the Vancouver area?

If you are having a destination event in another location, we are more than happy to provide jars to you, but you will be responsible for renting them for enough time and transporting them back and forth from your venue.  If you are not a Vancouver resident, but your event is here that is not an issue.


What if I want to rent jars longer than 2 weeks?

If you'd like to rent the jars for more than two weeks you can book your jars and then contact us so we can extend the date for you with an appropriate charge, or you can contact us before hand to confirm availability and we can run the booking manually.


What if I break something?

Accidents do happen, if you happen to break an item the replacement value will be deducted from your damage deposit.  If catastrophic damage occurs we will deduct the amount from your deposit and bill your credit card on file for any overage.  In this case though, many credit cards will cover the loss if you used the card to pay for the rental in the first place and we will do everything we can to help you with that process.


How do I know what the replacement value of an item is?

We have posted the replacement value on the bottom of every item description, and we will include this in your Terms & Conditions.


What are the Terms & Conditions? 

You can preview the Terms & Conditions here, these will be filled out with all of your rental details, and must be returned before you can take possession of your rental items.